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Roof Certifications


It is important to keep your roof in good repair. Wind and rain can be hard on a roof in all climates, but in South Florida the elements can cause catastrophic damage. Even a small problem can soon escalate and cause extensive damage to other areas of the home. In addition to water and structural damage caused by leaks, the possibility that your expensive appliances and cherished personal items will be ruined exists if roof repairs or roof replacements are not addressed as soon as the need is identified.

Tiger Team Roofing is a company that provides roofing services for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. The range of roofing services includes repairs, preventive maintenance, replacements, and new installations. The company works on projects in the tri-county area, serving Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Roof Repairs

Tiger Team Roofing has the ability and experience to troubleshoot, bid and perform roof repairs at the most cost-effective price. All roofs can be distinguished as either a slope roof or a flat roof. Tiger Team Roofing has the expertise to perform roof repairs to both of these. Slope roofs are sub-categorized as shingle, tile, gravel, or metal roof systems. Flat roofs are sub-categorized as built-up, gravel, modified bitumen, thermo-plastic, or metal. Roof repairs are less expensive than roof replacements and the logistics are less cumbersome. Both sloped and flat roofs can be repaired to put off a roof replacement for a limited time. But why wait for a problem like a leak before you schedule preventative maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance

Tiger Team Roofing Services offers a professional team that you can trust to complete the preventative maintenance that will give your roof a longer life. The majority of roof leaks are consistently caused by defects in transitions and penetrations. Roof replacement is often considered or performed prematurely. By addressing these weak areas, many roofs can meet or even exceed their design life. Tiger Team Roofing is focused on presenting options to property owners which can prevent or delay the costly roof replacement.

Roof Replacements

Tiger Team Roofing focuses on acquiring roof replacements where the customer’s primary focus is quality. Roof replacements can be costly. Choosing low quality materials is not the best way to save money in the long run. Get the best value for your roof replacement dollars by choosing an experienced roofing service that can do the work quickly and efficiently. Tiger Team Roofing maintains a competitive advantage by utilizing efficient work methods, and cultivating strategic alliances with suppliers and manufacturers to keep costs down.


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